SEYG-650-3R Separated Glass Fiber Pleating Machine


Primary-Medium-High Efficiency Air Filter Producti

This machine is used for pleating the glass fiber.



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This machine is used for pleating the glass fiber.

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1.Production speed: 10m/min

2.Pleating height: 120mm; 190mm, 260mm (or customized)

3.Max paper width: 650mm

4.Motor power: 1.1Kw

5.Power supply: 220V/50Hz

6.Machine weight: 500Kg

7.Machine size: 1800mm*1200mm*1300mm (L*W*H)

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1.This machine has the auto paper loading device and is easy for operation;

2.This machine has been equipped with three sets of rollers, which is easy to change and match different pleating heights.

3.The roller surface has the rubber pieces so as to prevent the glass fiber breaking while pleating;

4.This machine has equipped with the frequency converter so as for different working conditions.


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