Tips To Make Your Car Fuel Efficient

Maintaining an efficient vehicle not only saves your money but also positively affect your monthly budget. However, if your car is not that efficient this blog post will help you in making it efficient. We will share with you few ways to increase its fuel efficiency. There are few parts which you can change by yourself to achieve this goal. If you are unable to change those parts by yourself, a mechanic can change that parts. Here is a list of car parts which play an important role in making your car fuel efficient:

1. Airflow Sensor

The main task of this part is to measure how much air is entering in your car’s engine. After gathering this information, airflow sensor passes this information to the engine’s computer. The engine’s computer is in control of transmission shifting, functions of the ignition system and fuel injection. If airflow sensor is blocked, it may provide inaccurate information and as a result your fuel economy is badly affected. You need to check this car part and replace it, if it’s blocked.

2. Spark Plug

This part of your car facilitates starting of your car. It ignites the mixture of air and fuel in the engine combustion chamber. An old spark plug does not produce an effective ignition. You need to check this part if your car is taking too long to start or not starting properly. Replace spark plug and keep it clean for efficient car engine.

3. Air Filter

Changing an air filter is one of the most simple car part to change but it’s the most effective to improve engine efficiency. When your air filter is clogged or damaged, it poorly filters air and as a result air contaminants damage engine parts. Cleaner air improves engine’s performance hence increased air efficiency. You will find different type of air filter but fabric made filter are re-usable and last longer.

4. Fuel Filter

This car part flows the gas to the fuel injector and a clogged filter means fuel flow efficiency is compromised. Your engine will not be able to produce the needed power. You need to replace fuel filter after regular intervals for ensuring engine efficiency.

5. Tires

Worn out or old tires can significantly reduce your vehicle’s efficiency. You need to check tires at least once in a month. For getting better efficiency, you need to change all the tires at a time.

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