How to Change Car Fuel Filter? Part 4

Till “How to Change Car Fuel Filter? Part 3“, you have learned about necessary tools, suitable place, precautionary measures, tips to prepare your car and removing your old filters for installing a new fuel filter. Now, we will explain to you how to install a new fuel filter in your car.

How to Attach New Fuel Filter?

Usually filters have an arrow which shows direction of fuel flow so you would know the direction in which it should be install in the fuel line. Some fuel filters only fit in specific direction which makes impossible to fit them in backward direction. However, if it’s not the case you need to trace the fuel line for knowing the exact side for installation. You can also check direction of the arrow on your old filter before removing. After you have fixed the filter into the mounting bracket, you need to reconnect the fuel lines using the hardware supplied with the new filter. Don’t use previous connectors of old fuel filter as these may be weakened and will not provide full seal between the filter and the fuel lines.

And once you are done with the installation, take some time and properly check your fuel lines. Replace them as soon as possible if they are old and cracked. After fixing your new filter, also replace the fuel pump fuse, reconnect the detach negative battery terminal and start the engine. Your car may take some time for starting so don’t get anxious. This happens as you have released pressure in the fuel lines for installation. You just need to try to start your car several times for rebuilding the pressure and starting the engine.

Once your engine has started, you need to check leaks, clean up the spilled fuel and now you can brag about your achievement among your friends.

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