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We have started this series of blog posts so you can change your fuel filter of your car at home. In the previous post “How to Change Car Fuel Filter? Part 2“, we have talked about suitable place, precautionary measures and how to preparing your car for changing filter. In this post, you will learn how to remove your old filter from car fuel system.

How To Remove Your Old Fuel Filter?

Usually fuel filters are connected with fuel line at two points: the intake and the outtake point and a mounting bracket holds the whole assembly in place. You need for search the exact location of the filter as either you will find it at the back of the car near the gas tank or under the hood near the engine. Once filter has been located, then you should relieve the pressure in the fuel line. If you don’t do this, fuel will spill everywhere that will pose not only a safety hazard but also a huge mess to clean. There are number of methods to relieve fuel pressure but most commonly used method is to remove the fuse of the fuel pump and run the engine until it dies.

After this, you need to disconnect the negative terminal of your car’s battery as this will minimize the chance of a spark igniting gas fumes. Now check how the fuel filter is attached to the fuel line. There are different types of connectors which are used to attach filter to the fuel line like clips, ”banjo bolts” or other specialized connectors. Also check if there is any washer or O-rings have been used on the connection assembly so you know how you are going to install the new fuel filter. After disconnecting the filter from the fuel lines, you need a towel to wrap the filter as this will absorb any fuel which fuel line or filter will spill. Now you can dispose of the old filter.

In the next post “How to Change Car Fuel Filter? Part 4”, you will learn how to attach the new filter to fuel lines.

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