How to Change Car Fuel Filter? Part 1

If your fuel filter is blocked, it can affect smooth functioning of your car even your car can stop in the middle of traffic. So it’s important to do regular spot checking of your filter. Some mechanics falsely claim that it should last the entire life of your car. You need to check your filter at least after 1200 miles. The main task of this filter is to remove impurities before fuel enters in fuel injectors so your car can run smoothly. It is usually located between the fuel pump and fuel tank. The difficulty of changing your clogged filter depends on the type of car you own. Some cars have simple system and others have rather complicated which require considerable expertise for changing.

Required Tools

You need to consult user manual of your car or check online to know exactly what tools you will require for changing filter. Usually few simple tools are needed to change your fuel filters like sockets, wrenches, pliers and screwdrivers. The selection of tools mainly depends on how your filter is attached to the fuel lines like for threaded connectors you will need an open-ended wrench or ratchet and socket but for clips only a pair of pliers is enough. If your filter is located in a hard-to-reach area, then flashlight is also essential for getting the job done. Some GM, Mazda and Ford cars need different tools, especially made for these cars, as these have spring-loaded locking connectors which require a ”quick disconnect” tool to detach fuel filter. Also keep cleaning supplies so once you have changed the filter, you can clean the area.

And before starting, you need to purchase a new fuel filter. You should know the exact year, make and model of your car so you can get the exact match. If you need high quality fuel filter then Zix Performance Filters by Paracha Auto Parts Co is the best choice. We manufacture quality fuel filters which meet or exceed OEM requirements and work with all of the major brands. Check our website to find the correct filter for your car. In the next post of this series “How to Change Car Fuel Filter? Part 2”, you will learn how to prepare your car for changing filter.

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