How to Change Car Fuel Filter? Part 2

In the previous post “How to Change Car Fuel Filter? Part 1“, we have explained to you how important it is to change your fuel filter and what necessary tools you will require for changing it. This post is about where you should change your filter, precautionary measures and preparing your car for this change.

Where You Should Change Fuel Filter?

When you decide to change your fuel filter, you should take safety measures to ensure your own protection during the task. Regardless of how much you are careful, flammable fumes and small amounts of fuels will release during changing of filter. So you need to choose a well-ventilated area and clean any spilled fuel as quickly as possible for avoiding any hazards. The best place for this task is to do it outdoors as fuel fumes are heavier than air and can cause fire in enclosed spaces.

Precautionary Measures

You need to protect your eyes and skin from gasoline absorption by wearing safety goggles and disposable nitrile gloves. These gloves would be more expensive than usual latex gloves but they are ideal for this job as they provide better protection from solvents like gasoline. Another important precaution is not to smoke or use pilot lights while you are working on fuel system. For avoiding these hazards you should keep a fire extinguisher which will prove handy in emergencies.

Preparing Your Car

Depending on where filter is located you will have to put your car on jack stands, before you access your filter. If you are required to do so then you should apply car’s parking brake and place blocks against the wheels so they don’t lose contact with the ground when you are underneath the car. Always consult your car’s user manual to know safest place to apply the jack stand, otherwise improperly done jack stand will pose a risk. Once you have put jack stands successfully, you are ready to remove your fuel filter.

If you are looking for top quality fuel filters in Pakistan then consider Zix Performance Filters by Paracha Auto Parts co. We use only premium quality filtration material for providing ultimate filtering performance. In the next post “How to Change Car Fuel Filter? Part 3“, we will explain you how to change your car’s fuel filter.

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