Frequently Asked Questions

Life of the filter depends on its dust-holding capacity. Filter with high quality paper will trap more dirt and will last longer.

Filter efficiency is the percentage of dirt removed by the filter. The filter paper or ‘’media’’ acts as a barrier. It allows oil, air or fuel to pass through and traps the dirt. Increase in twists and turns enhances the possibility of trapped dirt. Higher efficiency = higher % of removed dirt. New filters are least efficient and before complete blockage they are most efficient.

Filter separates and prevents impurities particles from entering engine like dust particles, moisture, metal particles, sludge and carbon.

As long as your mechanic is qualified and he performs service according to manufacturer’s specifications, you will not void your warranty.

If you are using poor quality oil for extended time period, a good quality filter cannot prevent excessive wear. Low quality oil puts more stress on the engine as the oil additives degrade rapidly. Good quality oil and filters are essential for engine performance.


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