Time to Change Your Vehicle’s Cabin Air Filter

Before the summers begin, it is highly recommended that you change the air filter of your vehicle. It’s better to get it checked by an expert mechanic so that you can know if the air filter is performing well or not. The one thing which needs to be checked before the hot sunny days start is the cabin air filter. If it had been working very well during winters, spring and fall, but this does not mean it will function in the same efficient way in summers too.

The cabin air filters are responsible to clean the incoming air and they remove allergens. According to the experts of Paracha Auto Parts Co, they should be replaced once 12,000 to 15,000 miles have gone, or at least you have to replace them as per your manual/directions given in the booklet.

By taking help of a good mechanic, you can easily get the cabin air filter changed. A dirty cabin air filter can trap pollen, bacteria, dust and exhaust gases that are finding their way into the air conditioning and heating systems as well as ventilation system of your car.

Not only this but also the air filters are responsible to prevent leaves, bugs and other debris from entering the sensitive inner systems of the vehicle. With dirty or clogged cabin air filters, you would suffer a lot. There are chances that the odor will spread inside the car, contaminating the whole environment. As a result of this, the passengers are likely to suffer from breathing problems as particles and fumes get entered their respiratory systems.

A clogged cabin air filter is likely to impair airflow in the HVAC system, leading to severe cooling and heating problems. Over the time, the heater and air conditioner of your vehicle are likely to be damaged completely due to corrosion.

Paracha Auto Parts Co. manufactures premium quality cabin air filters so when you look for any sort of air filter replacement, choose from one of our two brands i.e ZIX performance filters and ICON economy filters.

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