Technology Trends & Maintenance Issues in Highway Vehicles – Part 1

In the past few years, highway vehicle manufacturers have introduced many new innovations like expensive diesel emissions technologies, diesel particulate filters, diesel exhaust filters and selective catalytic reduction systems. With all these changes how would fleet managers and drivers keep their highway vehicles in good condition? Moreover, how would spare parts manufacturer like tires, lubricants and highway vehicle filter manufacturer adapt these changes to make their products compatible. Experts of Paracha Auto Parts Co have researched about the technology trends in highway vehicles & maintenance issues a driver or owner may face. Here are few of them:

1. New Diesel Emission Technologies

When these technologies were introduced, there were a sudden increase in their maintenance cost because drivers were not allowing for a full regeneration cycle and spare parts were expensive. But with an increase in trained drivers and technicians, in-cab warning systems, better equipped facilities, and the increased availability and price-competitiveness of parts, this situation has been improved.

2. More Responsible Drivers

Most of the drivers don’t know which type of solution is suitable to use with these new diesel emission technologies so they are not filling the DEF tank with the right product. This also makes your maintenance expensive as you have to clean your vehicle’s system more often. So, it’s essential you should know about DPF regeneration and how to refill it.

3. Improved Fuel Economy But Increased Tire Costs

There is an increase in prices of tire replacements in highway vehicles due to fluctuations in the cost of raw materials. This trend can be attributed to the fact globally there is an increased demand for raw materials. Tires are subject to excessive rolling resistance which are forcing highway vehicle parts manufacturers to reduce this resistance for increasing fuel economy and meeting environmental requirements.

4. Increase In Disc Brakes

This trend is beneficial for highway vehicles as more companies are manufacturing variety of OEMs discs especially for medium to heavy duty class vehicles. With these brakes you will get better airflow onto the brake components as compared to drum which means reduced heat during braking, leading to longer replacement intervals.

All these trends will change how you drive your highway vehicle and maintain it. But no matter how much technology is improved, highway vehicle filters are bound to be clogged so check your filters regularly and always purchase a replacement from a high performing highway vehicle filter manufacturer like Paracha Auto Parts Co. We have extensive range of over 600 OEM compliant products so choose what suit your needs.

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