Importance Of Oil Filter For The Life Of Your Vehicle

It would not be wrong to say that oil is the lifeblood for the engine of the vehicles (car, truck, motorcycle, boat, airplane, tractor and so on). It circulates throughout the engine of the car and should be picked up only when it is free of contamination. The dirty oil is likely to damage the engine seriously, thus leading you to suffer from low speed, bad performance, and very poor quality of the vehicle.

Previously, internal combustion engines had no concern with the oil filters. They used to couple with any poor quality oil this had been affecting the overall performance of the vehicles. Eventually a time came when the first full-flow oil filtration system was developed. It mainly allows the oil to flow through the filter with great ease.

There was also a system known as pressurized lubrication system that was mainly found in internal combustion engines. This used to incorporate some forms of filter by-pass for protecting the engine from getting damaged under severe circumstances. One of the best examples is the cold climate. In such a situation, the oil gets thick, if it is not of good quality. Another type of oil is which bypasses the filter with great ease when the filter is plugged.

The modern oil filters are equipped with anti-drainback valves. It is a type of rubber membrane that is covering the perimeter hole of the base flange. The membrane is put force onto so that the oil can enter in with great ease. When it comes to the situation when the engine is not working, the rubber membrane will cover the holes. On the other hand, the anti-drainback valves will provide maintenance of oil within the filters.

PAPCO, being the leading oil filter manufacturer, has introduced two types of high tech ZIX performance filters and ICON economy filters. You can get more information on the official site.

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