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Your car has number of automotive filters which are fixed to filter impurities. The most important of these filters are air, oil and fuel filters, generally known as the ”three filters”. These filters have a major impact on your car’s and its engine performance. As they filter impurities, these contaminants accumulate and eventually clog that particular filter. All the auto experts, mechanics, vehicle manufacturers, air, fuel and oil filter manufacturers recommend to change them at regular basis. Here are basic guidelines related to these three types of filters:

  1. Air Filter: Car engines have several metal particles and tiny particles which enter with the airflow can damage these parts through abrasions. So, it’s essential that air should be clean first before it enters the cylinder. There is a direct relationship between life of the engine and air filter. Most of the air filters have a paper media as it has high cleaning efficiency, low mass, low cost and easily replaceable. You should clean such type of filters after every 5000 kilometers. However, once you have crossed the limit of 25,000 kilometers, it has to promptly replaced.
  2. Fuel Filter: This filter cleans the most vital element of your engine: fuel without which your cannot function at all. Currently, most of the engines have a one-time non-washable jacket style paper filter. Vehicle manufacturer recommend to replace it after every 10,000 km. Replacement cycle of fuel filter depends on many factors like structure and properties of the filter and also on driving conditions.
  3. Oil Filter: At the moment, two types of oil filters are being manufactured by oil filter manufacturer: spin-on and cartridge lube filters. This filter should be disposed off properly as it poses potential hazard to environment. Generally it is recommended to replace it after every 5,000 km or with every oil change. Otherwise, there is no point to change the oil as the filter cannot clean it to optimal level.

Preventive maintenance of these filters can save you from costly repairs so replace them on regularly. If you are planning to change one of your car’s filters, get a replacement from Paracha Auto Parts Co. We are the leading fuel, air and oil filter manufacturer with two popular brands: ICON Economy filter and Zix Performance Filter.

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