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When it comes to think of the safety of the cars, airbags and seatbelts are must to keep in mind. We, however, often ignore a lot of other things which are essential too. Given below is a list of few important things to keep in your car from Paracha Auto Parts Co, the leading automotive filter manufacturer. For emergency situations, it is ideal to keep these things with you. It would not take much money and time, but the results are going to be very nice.

Owner’s Manual

Keep the owner’s manual with you. This should always be present in your glove box. In this manual, all type of information is readily available.

Jumper Cables

The second thing you must not forget about is the jumper cables. It is what most drivers forget. These cables enable you to stay safe from sudden road accidents. If you have cables in your reach, you can flag down the fellow drivers and connect the leads to save from accidents.

Distilled Water

Yes, you must keep distilled water with you. It is not only for drinking but also to cool down the car which usually gets heated during the summers. It is good to keep the container of water in the car to avoid dehydration.

First-Aid Kit

You should keep Band-Aids, antiseptic cream and varieties of other fiirst aid items in a medicine box and this should be carried with you during long travels. The first aid kit is what you would need in case of major or minor injuries.

Blanket or Large Towel

The blanket or large towel should be able to cover you during winters, providing extra warmth.

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