Environmentally Sound Automotive Air Filters

There are several vehicle air filter lines that are said to be environment-friendly. Many individuals believe that we cannot have environment friendly vehicles and car air filter in polluted countries. Those are only good to go with when we live in a western state. Here the question comes what is an environment friendly air filter? Let us take a look:

The air filters that come with vehicles are mostly made from paper with plastic molding. In case you want to change the car air filter after the recommended time interval, which is mostly once in a year, you can freely go through a long list of air filter manufacturers on the basis of your requirements and miles per hour you need from your car. Most of these air filters end up in the trash-box and are good for nothing. The paper in the filter is likely to disintegrate very easily, and the plastic will sit in place for many years.

If something like this happens, then you are better to go with race car technology. The team of PAPCO has developed two brands named ZIX Performance Filters & ICON Economy Filters. We manufacture heavy duty filters too that can easily meet the expectations of the customers.

There is also trend of using reusable air filters. With a reusable air filter, your car is guaranteed to run 500,000 miles without any major issue. The reusable car air filters cost high, the prices are 2-4 times the prices of the standard air filters.

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