4 Easy Car Repairs You Can Do Yourself

And then you got your own car and you lived happily ever after!

But sadly that’s not the end of the story as when you have your own car you have lot’s of issues like taxes, maintenance and repairs. Even if you buy a new car, it needs proper maintenance and that’s the real headache. Like every machinery, car is subject to wear and tear. But luckily you can perform some of its repair and maintenance yourself. Following is a list of DIY car maintenance from the experts of Paracha Auto Parts Co – the leading automotive filter manufacturer but you should be aware of the fact, your clothes can get dirty in this process:

1. Rotating Your Tires

This task is performed by replacing your front tires with back tires so that all of them have equal levels of wear and longer time span. Tire rotating is really easy and you will need a lug wrench, a floor jack, two jack stands, and a torque wrench for making sure your lug nuts are not over tighten at the end of the task. But some repair shops offer free tire-rotation service for lifetime when you buy tires from them so before starting your task check with your shop if they provide this facility.

2. Fixing A Loose Exhaust Pipe

As many drivers don’t look underneath their cars so they don’t have idea how their exhaust pipes are fixed and how can they repair them if they are damaged or dangling? Simple muffler straps are used to hold exhaust pipes in place which can wear out and break during your car’s life. There are several signs which indicate your muffler strap has been damaged like odd clunking sound and dropping exhaust pipe. You can replace this item without much complex repair involved.

3. Replacing Car Battery

Most of the drivers take their cars for new battery installation to the nearest auto repair shop. But that’s not a complicated task and you can do it on your driveway. You just have to remove connection terminals, lift the old battery out, place the new battery in its place and you are done.

4. Replacing Air Filter

Most of the drivers fear that they will damage their car due to lack of experience and don’t perform minor repairs but that’s not true. All you need is a little confidence, the desire to save some money and necessary tools for these repairs. Make sure you have an adjustable wrench, a pair of pliers, an assortment of screwdrivers, some sockets and ratchets, and a torque wrench. You need to keep checking your air filter so when you feel it’s not clean enough for performing its task you should change it. Always buy best quality filter from a reliable automotive filter manufacturer. Paracha Auto Parts Co is one of the best automotive filter manufacturer in Pakistan. We have Zix Performance Filters and ICON Economy Filter brands. Visit our website for product details.

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