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Every car has different filters which are essential for cleaning the air and fluids running in the car. You will find an oil filter, an air filter, a fuel filter and a pollen/cabin filter. Every time you visit your garage for car service you may see number of advertisements by air, fuel and oil filter manufacturer to change your filters regularly. But you feel confused due to number of filters available in the market. In this post, we will discuss how to choose an oil filter.

Purpose of an Oil Filter

Oil filter manufacturers design two types of filters: spin-on type and the cartridge/element type. Both perform single function but in slightly different ways. The main purpose of an oil filter is to clean oil from minute carbon, soot and metallic debris which break freely from the engine parts during your driving. Unfiltered oil will lose its lubrication properties and eventually can lead to engine failure. Metallic particles are highly abrasive and scratchy start to wear away the moving parts of the engine especially the bearings. The end result will be engine seizure costing you a new engine or repair bill of thousands.

Every oil filter comes with a built-in safety mechanism i.e. a bypass valve. When your oil filter is clogged up with all these contaminants, this bypass valve will give way to dirty oil in an attempt to provide oil to the engine.

Difference Between a Good and a Bad Filter

A good oil filter manufacturer will use good quality filtering media with a strong bypass valve so it does not clog faster and give way to dirty oil. Get oil filter from Paracha Auto Parts Co as we manufacture both types of filters at an affordable rates. Check our website now for choosing a suitable oil filter.

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