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In the early car models, oil filters were absent and oil quality was poor which caused frequent oil changes. With the invention of oil filter, oil flew through the filter before reaching the engine. But still there is a problem as most pressurized lubrication systems placed in internal combustion engines have a bypass valve to save engine from acute shortage of oil. These bypass valves are designed by the oil filter manufacturer themselves. There are two examples of this situation when oil is thick due to cold weather or oil filter is clogged, unfiltered oil can bypass the filtration process. Now you can find different types of filters in the market.

Types Of Media Used In Oil Filters

Oil filters have different types of media but mostly two types of media are used: paper and plastic. You will also find oil filters with synthetic filter media instead of paper-based media. But the real question is what kind of oil filter is right for for your car, truck, motorcycle or any other vehicle? It all depends on your vehicle’s need. You have to clearly understand the specifications of each filter available from your selected oil filter manufacturer for determining compatibility with your vehicle. You need to know warranty conditions of that filter as many filters are not considered compatible with certain vehicles and this factor is important when claiming warranty.

Choosing a right type of oil filter for your vehicle can significantly boost performance of your engine so make a thorough research before making a decision.

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