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Everything has been changed in driving world for example like the way we drive and the general road conditions. It has also changed overall driving conditions. Most of the vehicle manufacturers explain in their user manual about severe driving. Sometimes what is considered as normal driving is actually unsafe driving. Paracha Auto Parts Company, the leading automotive filter manufacturer has prepared this list of unsafe driving conditions for you:

  • Driving in extreme temperatures
  • Driving in dusty environment
  • Mountainous roads
  • Stop-&-go traffic
  • Short commutes of 8-12 km
  • Extensive engine idling
  • Heavier loads
  • Extended periods of driving at higher engine speed

Surprisingly, according to the above mentioned list, you are most of the time driving in these conditions which can damage your vehicle adversely. But you can take number of precautionary steps to minimize the effects of these conditions on your vehicle and enhance fuel economy.

Following are safety measures essential for making your vehicle efficient and dependable regardless of such driving conditions:

  • Follow the instructions given in your manufacturer’s user manual about severe conditions.
  • Frequently inspect vehicle fluids including oil and filters
  • Annually check brakes and shock systems
  • Always drive your car by observing speed limit
  • Do not quick start or stop your vehicle
  • Avoid extra weight to pile up in your trunk as it will reduce fuel economy
  • Tune your car properly and more frequently to enhance gas mileage.

Hopefully, by following these simple measures you can avoid excessive wear and tear of your vehicle due to severe conditions. Also, do check the filters of your vehicle to extent engine life of your vehicle. Paracha Auto Parts Co manufactures best quality oil, air and fuel filters which not only improve fuel economy, engine life but also make it run smoothly. Check our website to get the best automotive filters in Pakistan.

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