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Tips To Maintain Your Car By

By doing regular maintenance and adopting better driving habits, you will not only enhance the life of your vehicle but you can also get fairly good resale price. Listed below are the tips for your vehicle care:

1. Researches have shown that as much as 30% fuel efficiency can be reduced due to misfiring spark plug. You need to change oil and fuel filters and fluids as instructed in your user manual for achieving peak performance of the engine.
2. Your vehicle can highly pollute the environment if the engine or the exhaust system is not working properly so take quick action on ‘service engine’ light.
3. Properly inflated and aligned tires have number of benefits like reduced gasoline consumption, prolonged tires life, save money and easy recycling.
4. Previous versions of vehicle A.C have chemicals which can deplete Ozone so always get a certified A.C technician for handling and recycling of the refrigerants.
5. Do not cross speed limits or suddenly accelerate the vehicle as it consumes hefty amount of gas. Turn off the engine when you are waiting for someone and avoid unnecessary driving by completing daily tasks in single trip.
6. Do not over burden your vehicle with unnecessary items as it also badly affect gas mileage.
7. Engine fluids and batteries should be disposed off properly to reduce their effects on environment. Check for some hazardous material drop-off/recycling stations or repair centers which accept these items.

These tips help you in maintaining your vehicle without adverse effects on environment. When you want to buy oil, fuel and air filters which are environment-friendly then ZIX & ICON Filters by Paracha Auto Parts Co is the best choice. We are the leading automotive filter manufacturer and engineer all of our products with platinum quality medium which removes 99.9% contaminants. Check our website for further details.

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