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Every automobile parts require proper cleaning and maintenance time to time. Technically speaking, spring is the right time to get the car parts checked. This is due to the reason that the winters could be a test for some vehicles especially for those who are being constantly used season after season. Headlights are likely to…


When it comes to think of the safety of the cars, airbags and seatbelts are must to keep in mind. We, however, often ignore a lot of other things which are essential too. Given below is a list of few important things to keep in your car from Paracha Auto Parts Co, the leading automotive…

Father and son washing car

And then you got your own car and you lived happily ever after! But sadly that’s not the end of the story as when you have your own car you have lot’s of issues like taxes, maintenance and repairs. Even if you buy a new car, it needs proper maintenance and that’s the real headache….

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