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There are many fuel filter manufacturer in the market who are producing filters of different types and specifications. It serves mainly two purposes: cleaning fuel and protecting your car’s fuel injectors. Like any other automotive part, fuel filter are subject to wear and you need to replace at regular intervals. Most car owners neglect this part of car maintenance and don’t know when they should replace it. In this post we will discuss how fuel filter works and what are the symptoms of a bad fuel filter.

Function of a Fuel Filter

Your engine requires a very clean fuel for proper functioning and this task is done by a fuel filter. Fuel has lots of debris due to transport, storage and dispensing. Your fuel system can be severely damaged by this debris. When fuel flows through the filtering media, debris is trapped between the media and filter housing. When filter does not perform this task, debris can clogged the fuel injectors. Collection of debris in filter media reduces the amount of fuel that can reach your engine. It can lead to reduced power and eventually your engine will misfire or stall.

How You can Detect a Bad Filter?

If your vehicle cuts out or loses power driving up an incline like a bridge, this is an indication of a clogged filter. Your car needs more fuel when it is under load but a clogged filter does not provide that much fuel. A dirtier filter will damage your fuel pump as it has to work harder. A bad fuel filter does not reveal itself under normal driving conditions but when your vehicle needs more fuel flow like on accelerations or climbing an incline you can detect it. You can done fuel volume test for detecting a clogged filter as when we start the test pressure will drop. Clogged filter show adequate pressure but a lack of flow.

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