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change car air filter

Every car part is subject to wear and tear but in the case of air filter it gets dirty due to variety of particles present in the air. The frequency of changing the air filter depends upon conditions in which car has been driven and travelled miles. Some experts give specific miles after which change is essential while others suggest to use your own discretion. You can contact the dealer or a mechanic to change your car air filter or you can done it yourself as it’s more cost effective. It’s fairly an easy procedure. Follow the given below steps:

Step 1: Check the user manual of your car to find out which car air filter is suitable for your car.

Step 2: Open the hood but make sure engine is off, emergency brake is on and your car is parked on a flat surface.

Step 3: Let the engine cool down first. Find out the location of the air filter. Normally, it is located near the top of the engine in a plastic case.

Step 4: Open this plastic case. There are different types of plastic cases and they need different tools for opening them like metal clips or screws.

Step 5: Change the filter. Lift the old filter from the case and clean any debris with a rag. Place the new filter like the old one and close the case with the help of clips or screws.

 Tools Checklist:

  • Butter knife (For clips)
  • A rag
  • One regular-size head screwdriver (For screws)
  • One regular-size standard screwdriver (For screws)

Hopefully, these steps will help you in the task. When you decide to change air filter, choose premium quality filters by Paracha Auto Parts Co. We have gained popularity in automotive filter manufacturer market by introducing two brands ZIX Performance Filters & ICON Economy Filters. Our air filters are environment-friendly, increase fuel efficiency, engine life and reduce emissions. You can also contact us for custom air filter & private branding!

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