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As a highway vehicle driver you should be ready for unexpected as a minor unexpected maintenance can cause heavy repair bills. You have to follow a preventive maintenance program throughout the year to avoid roadside breakdowns and ensure maximum performance. For this purpose you need to understand the highway vehicle filters that protect your engine, when to change them and which replacement filter is best.

Basics of Highway Vehicle Oil Filters

You can provide maximum protection to your engine by following oil service intervals as determined by engine manufacturers but oil filters alone cannot prevent occurrence of harmful contaminants. Managing a functional oil filter can extend engine life and reduce engine wear, downtime and operating costs.

  1. When to Change an Oil Filter: A good maintenance starts with knowing when to change your highway vehicle filter as you have to change your oil filter at some point. Mostly mechanics suggest to change oil filter with every oil change. You can change a heavy-duty oil filter after every 20,000 miles, however modern filter designs have enabled the drivers to change it after every 40,000 miles.
  2. How to Extend Oil Service Intervals: If you want to extend oil drain intervals, you need a good strategy with a right filter. You have to base your decision on oil analysis and adhere to OEM criteria for acceptable oil-operating features. You can use online calculators for finding out current maintenance costs associated with oil changes. You have to understand your oil filter’s properties for protecting your engine.
  3. Micron Rating: Your oil filter should capture both large and small particles for providing protection to your engine which means suitable micron rating. A filter’s micron rating relates to the size of a particle which can be filtered from the fluid passing through it. For instance, a highway vehicle filter with 10 micron rating can capture particles as small as 10 microns (the equivalent of talcum powder) or larger.

With the above mentioned tips, you would be able to maximize performance of your oil filter and ultimately of your engine. Get a replacement of your oil filter from a OEM compliant highway vehicle filter manufacturer, Paracha Auto Parts Co. We have wide variety of heavy-duty oil filter which are environment friendly and ensures removal of maximum contaminants.

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