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Good driving habits have number of benefits not only for your own safety but also for your car’s life. Adopting these habits leaves positive effects on your car’s battery as well. Paracha Auto Parts Co., the leading automotive filter manufacturer have gather these easy to follow tips for you to extend service life of your battery:

Tip 1: Avoid Frequent Starts

Your first start should not exceed 5 seconds and if it does not start do not try again without an interval. If you try to start your car again and again it will damage the battery. You should try for the second start after 15 seconds have passed. In case it has not start after 3 time, check your car’s user manual for troubleshooting.

Tip 2: Never Use Electrical Instruments Under Flameout State

This situation can occur at regular basis and drivers do not take notice of it. For example, while waiting in a queue they will turn off the engine but will listen to music or radio and battery will be badly damaged. Do not listen to radio for more than 30 minutes and do not use equipment like car DVD at all in stall condition.

Tip 3: Never Use External Power Supplies Under Flameout State

Also do not use equipment like dust suction machine or a portable air pump as they consume large amount of battery power in stall condition. These external power equipment can affect the normal starting of your car.

Tip 4: Turn Off All The Lights And Other Appliances When You Have Parked Your Car

This mistake is usually made by new car drivers. Your car will not start after battery consumption of full night. Also do not try to use electrical equipment like CD, cigarette lighter when your engine is turned off.

These habits will surely help you in the long run. Usual life of a battery is about 2 years but these habits and proper maintenance can extend this life up to 4 years.

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