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Beware of your order status anytime and anywhere. Paracha Auto Parts Co. will send order status messages to dealers & distributors on their mobile phones regarding confirmation, delayed or cancellation.

Paracha Auto Parts Co. has been constantly integrating new technology within its business operations and pursuing hyper digital strategy to engage our customers across all media platforms. Nowadays everyone is using his phone for doing business and what can be more convenient if you get all the order information and its journey details on your phone. That’s the reason today we have launched SMS notification service which will inform our customers about their order confirmation, delay, cancellation and dispatch time & date along with bilty number . Paracha Auto Parts Co. MD, M Amir Paracha, said convenience is a core feature of the company’s digital strategy and SMS was an obvious development.

“You can’t get more convenient, fitting into the lives of customers, than making it possible for them to get their order confirmation via SMS,” M Amir Paracha said.

We are making it easier and more appealing for our Pakistani dealers and distributors to do business with us that’s the reason we have launched this service to make sure they get the best possible customer experience.

”SMS is likely received almost instantly giving your customers peace of mind about their order information” M Amir Paracha said.

Paracha Auto Parts Co will send SMS upon successful order confirmation, dispatched, delayed or cancelled. This software for the SMS-based service has been developed by HostBreak Web Technologies.

Paracha Auto Parts Co manufactures high quality filtration products for heavy duty trucks, agriculture, construction, mining equipment, industrial products and automotive. Our two leading brands of filters are Zix Performance Filters and ICON Economy filters. All of our products meet or exceed the OEM requirements. They provide best performance throughout the specified service interval.

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