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Paracha Auto Parts Co. has announced to receive first batch of machines from China next week for boosting its production capacity and quality of filtration products.

Over the years, there was a gradual increase in sales every year and this was going to increase in 2016 as well. As of 2015, Paracha Auto Parts Co. predicts annual increase of 50% production of air, oil and fuel filters. Therefore, Paracha Auto Parts Co. has decided to increase the production capacity and quality for its filtration products. Buying this latest machinery for paper folding, screen printing, batch number printing and automatic clipping is part of our strategy to cater increase in sales.

“Our aim is to enhance product quality and quantity through equipment innovation,” said M Amir Paracha, managing director of Paracha Auto Parts Co.

Earlier we had local and limited machine for performing these functions that’s the reason it was not ready to handle the pressure of increased level of production. Therefore, we decided to acquire new and imported machines. All of these machines are vital to enhance production of filtration products manufacturing like folding filter paper, screen printing on the filter paper and printing batch number on filters. These machines will also help in manufacturing more products in less time by reducing the manual work and cater with increased sales. Our customers will surely feel the difference after deployment of these machines in our operations.

Paracha Auto Parts Co. is not only automotive filter manufacturer but we also manufacture filtration products for agriculture, construction, mining equipment and industrial applications. Our product range comprises of 600 quality products which meet or exceed the OEM requirements. Zix Performance Filters and ICON Economy Filters are our two leading brands. We provide performance and satisfaction to our customer with quality and innovation.

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