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Like most drivers, you may not think car air filter as part of your routine car maintenance unless your mechanic tells you that it’s dirty when you go for an oil change or other maintenance issues. But this part is subject to wear and can reduce fuel efficiency and engine life. For every gallon of gas which enters the engine, air filter provides 10,000 gallons of filtered air for combustion purpose. Outside air is full of dust, debris and other solid particles which stay in the filter as these particles pile up and clog the filter, it can affect the performance of your vehicle and engine. In case your fuel efficiency is reducing or the ”Service Engine” light turns on, you will not think it’s due to a dirty filter and will search for something else. But keeping a clean air filter is the cheapest and quickest way to keep your car and engine healthy.

Issues Which Indicate Car’s Air Filter is Dirty

Following are few issues which indicate car’s filter is clogged and you need to replace it:

  • If you notice a decrease in your car’s gas mileage
  • Spark plug issues like rough idling or problems in starting caused by too-rich air-fuel mixture
  • As a result of deposits in engine, ”Service Engine” light turns on
  • Issues with accelerations
  • Visible dirty air filter

However, if you don’t notice these problems you should change your filter according to the vehicle manual or as recommended by air filter manufacturer or sooner if you drive through dusty or pollen-laden environments. You cannot see pollen or dust even in direct sunlight but you have to change it at regular intervals so it performs it’s job well.

A clean filter is the easiest way to save you from costly repairs in the future. You can choose a replacement air filter from huge range of Paracha Auto Parts Co. We are the most reliable and affordable air filter manufacturer in Pakistan. Our air filter helps engine breath easy.

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