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Most drivers do not include car air filters in vehicle maintenance but they are vital for the smooth functioning of your car. Main purpose of air filter is to clean the air that enters your engine by removing dust and other particles that can damage your vehicle engine if unfiltered air is entered in it. When filter gets dirtier it cannot its function well and lead to poor gas mileage, fouled-up spark plugs and ultimately in engine misses and ignition issues. Finding a suitable filter for your car is not a big task as there are number of air filter manufacturer in the market. Following are few guidelines for prolonging life of your car’s filter:

Avoid Stop and Go Conditions

Choose the least crowded routes as it will eliminate frequent use of your brakes and accelerators. This will not only positively affect your air filter health but also your mental health. Traffic-laden routes have more dust and contaminants which is not good for your filter.

Avoid Too-rich Air-fuel Mixture

This is an internal factor to prevent when you want your air filter to last longer. The ideal ratio for a air-fuel mixture is 14.7:1 but anything below this optimum level can increase the amount of air contaminants passing through the air filter and leading to dirty filter.

Avoid Dusty and Pollen-laden Surroundings

We all know that this is impossible but you can reduce your car’s exposure to such conditions. Try to park your car indoors instead of outdoors so when you start your vehicle it is in a more cleaner environment.

By following these guidelines you would be able to reduce amount of dust and debris entering your air filter. When looking for a replacement, choose an air filter manufacturer who is reliable and protect your car from damage. Get air filter replacement for Paracha Auto Parts Co as we produce environment and car-friendly air filters at affordable rates.

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