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There are so many car owners, who are advised by mechanics to change their air filters. But instead of that, they change oil and leave an extremely dirty filter as it is. The reason is mechanics don’t explain to them why it is important to change filter so car owners just tend to ignore their advice. Here are few reasons why you should change that filter.

Every car engine which is operating on the basis of internal combustion of fuel, needs air for carrying out this process. The reason is air acts like a stimulant in the burning of fuels like gasoline and diesel. No air, no burning and no explosive force to power the engine. But modern automobile engines need clean and filtered air before it enter the engine. As unfiltered air has dust, dirt and other contaminants which negatively affect the performance of the engine and shorten the overall life of the car. More specifically these pollutants leave abrasions on piston rings, cylinders and engine bearings. Changing these parts is more expensive than changing a filter.

Moreover, a specific air to fuel ratio is needed for smooth functioning of the modern engines. Shortage of air makes this mix too ”rich” and makes engine to work harder than working on the normal ratio. So now you know that air filter is required for maintaining exact air to fuel ratio and providing clean air. Daily abuse makes this filter dirty and you need to change this for optimal performance of the engine. The frequency of change depends on the conditions under which you are driving your car. It’s best to consult user manual of the car for the type and frequency of air filter replacement.

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