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You may have find annoying all the advises from mechanics and automotive filter manufacturer to change your vehicle filters at regular intervals. You usually ignore them as a part of their publicity campaign but this is not true. As clean oil and air filters positively affect your engine’s performance. Like every automotive parts automotive filters are subject to wear and tear so they have limited life span. In this post we will discuss how these two filters can affect engine:

Air Filters:

If you want to know how much air filter helps your engine breathe easily, view your grill and license plate area after driving in warm weather. You will find wet bugs, sap, leaves and other stuff likewise water can also enter into the engine bay. If this stuff makes its way to the air intake and then into the engine, it will cause abrasion or corrosion in the engine. This entrance is prevented by air filter. For further guarding the engine from contaminants, air filter is placed in a plastic box. When your air filter is too much dirty, your engine is starved of air which is necessary for efficient combustion process. In theory, if dirty air filter can stop your engine from working at all. But in reality, this can lead to rob power of an engine.

Oil Filters:

Although small in size, matching the size of a coffee mug, oil filter performs a crucial job for your vehicle. As your kidneys filter all of your blood, it cleans your vehicle’s automotive blood i.e. engine oil from contaminants. Many impurities like dirt particles and metal shavings float suspended in the engine oil and act like miniature sandblasters. This can causes abrasions on engine bearings leading to low oil pressure which can result in significant engine damage. When oil filter is clogged with dirt, it cannot effectively clean the oil and it will keep on circulating in the engine. In short, it prevents harmful floating garbage from entering into your engine.

Hopefully, with this detailed post you will not ignore reminder of your mechanic to change your oil or air filter at regular intervals. If you are searching for a good automotive filter manufacturer, then Paracha AutoParts Co. should be your first choice as we are producing hundreds of OEM compliant filters. So check our website to find a suitable filter for your vehicle.

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