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Umrah Ticket Winners

The Paracha Auto Parts Co. (PAPCO) has fulfilled its promise at Annual Dealers and Distributor Conference 2015 held in Pearl Continental Hotel Lahore, Pakistan. The company announced two Umrah tickets for achieving sales target and the lucky winners are Paracha Filter House Karachi and Famous Filter House Quetta.

A large number of dealers & distributors from across the country attended this annual conference in which they compared production capacity and sales growth. Moreover, the managing director M. Amir Paracha talked about the performance of dealers and distributors in past year. He also shared future plans of the company to achieve sales target and set targets for distributors.

While distributing the prizes among winners, M. Amira Paracha, the Managing Director of Paracha Auto Parts Co., said “Provision of quality filtration products in Pakistan and appreciation of dealers & distributers was the utmost priority of PAPCO therefore maximum benefits were provided to them in form of lucrative prizes”

The prizes for dealers and distributors were not limited to just Umrah tickets but it also included cash prizes for achieving sales target and award shields for the participants. The conference continued till 10.00 pm along with the exclusive dinner & city tour from Paracha Auto Parts Co.

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