About Paracha Auto Parts

Paracha Auto Parts Co. (PAPCo) is a family owned, debt free, business established in 2001. We have manufacturing facilities in Lahore, the industrial and business hub of Pakistan, producing more than 600 different product numbers.

filter oil air fuel

PAPCo offers the widest array of domestic and international lube, air, fuel and transmission filters and line of industrial filters. Today, PAPCo is recognized as a professional manufactures specializing in Oil filter, Fuel filter and Air filter for wide range of applications. PAPCo being a family owner, debt free business, is thriving and growing at a fast rate. We are committed to quality and innovation and always looking for new ventures.

Paracha Auto Parts “Value Package”

PAPCo provides a total “value package” of products and services to meet our customers’ requirements for:

  • Extended lifetime
  • Low operative cost
  • Reduced environmental impact

ZIX Performance Filters

Paracha Auto Parts has been introducing unique packaging for it’s brands. The distinctive new packaging features the strong easily recognizable color coding to signify each filter category. Designed to appeal to the workshop and the DIY consumer, the striking new packaging also carries easily to read part numbers on five faces of the pack for ease of identification along with a reminder of the comprehensive PAPCo filter range covering air, oil, fuel and transmission.


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