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Spending your weekend on a service station does not sound very interesting activity but you have to anyway perform this essential task either by a technician or yourself. It will keep your car running and save you from costly repairs in the future. There are many auto parts which can be damaged due to daily wear and tear while some others might have low level of water, oil or other lubricants. This routine check-ups will make sure you have a smooth road trips. Auto parts work in coordination which means damage to one part can also affect the performance of other parts. Following are some auto parts which need a constant check:

Brake System

This is the most important auto part as these are necessary for a safe stop or slowing down of your vehicle when required. It starts from the pedal inside the car to the wheels themselves. Brake pads and discs are easy to check as you can find them all along the brake system. You will find the discs inside the wheel as large as a dinner plate. During the daily driving they face lots of friction which causes them to wear down. This damage lead to a decline in brake performance so you need to check them for wear, corrosion or pitting. Brake friction also reduces the thickness of the pads which should be immediately changed for optimal brake performance.

Fluid and Lubricants

Oil is needed to save engine metal parts from friction and internal corrosion. Your car engine is made up of several moving parts working together for proper functioning which makes lubrication essential. But not all engines require same type of oil so you should check manufacturer instructions for getting the right oil. Over the time there is a reduction in oil level due to usage or leakage so constantly check the dial inside your car or the reservoir under the bonnet.

Wiper Blades

Wiper blades are not of much use during normal and sunny weather but you need to check them regularly so they are ready for bad weather condition. They can start wearing down like any other auto parts. You need to check them for damage and windscreen for smearing and change them if needed.


Your car have different types of filters and most important of them are oil, fuel and air filter. You need to check them for clogging as if they are not properly performing the filtration process, foreign particles can damage metal parts of your engine. You need to purchase a replacement from a high quality filter manufacturer if they are not clean.

Electrical and Lighting Parts

Just like your household bulb can wear out, in the same manner your car bulbs. For checking the front, rear and brake lights, park your car near a flat and reflective surface and switch them on and apply brakes. You will see reflection of each bulb if they are working fine.

From all of these parts, filters maintenance is the most ignored aspect of preventive checkups. Check them regularly and do not get cheap filters as your small saving can lead to costly engine repair. Purchase all types of filters from a reliable filter manufacturer, Paracha Auto Parts co which have variety of filters suitable for all major brands. We offer high quality air, oil and fuel filters at affordable rates.

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