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is you car ready for winter

Preventive maintenance enhances safety and reliability of your vehicle in winter. By following these tips you will reduce the risk of unexpected repairs when extreme winter occurs. You can either do it yourself or take your vehicle to a services technician. Regardless of what you choose, these 10 essential maintenance tips from Paracha Auto Parts Co. are highly recommendable for keeping your vehicle running in the winter.

1. There are number of fluids in the vehicle like engine oil, brake, transmission, power steering, windshield washer solvent and antifreeze/coolant. You need to check all of these.

2. Make sure the belts and hoses are not brittle, frayed, cracked, loose or worn-out.

3. Battery connection should be clean, corrosion-free and tight. Change the battery if it’s not working well.

4. On every oil change, check brake linings, drums and rotors. Also you have to check annually the brake system.

5. The exhaust system should not be damaged, leaked and broken supports or hangers as these conditions are extremely dangerous and can lead to unfortunate incidents.

6. Engine should producing the least emissions and providing the best balance of power and fuel economy.

7. You need to check the A.C, heating and ventilating systems as these are important for safety and comfort.

8. Annually check the suspension and steering including struts, absorbers and chassis parts.

9. Inspect the tires, their pressure and tread. Also make sure there should be no bulges or bald spots.

10. The last important inspection is of the wipers and lightening for your own vision and visibility to other drivers.

One most important tip which is not listed above is to check and replace air, oil and fuel filters of your vehicle to maintain the health of its engine. Paracha Auto Parts Co. is the leading automotive filter manufacturer in Pakistan. We have introduced our two brands ZIX & ICON Filters to provide most reliable and best quality filtration products at economical rate in Pakistan.

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